electionz.com - voting made easy
electionz.com - voting made easy

Welcome to electionz.com ltd,
New Zealand’s leading election management services company for all your voting needs.


electionz.com has a 16-year track record of successfully delivering elections.

Over this time, electionz.com has successfully delivered more than 2,500 elections, and processed more than 30 million postal and internet votes. With this much experience, we know how to make your election an outstanding success.

Our clients range in size from just a few hundred to many hundreds of thousands of voters. They come from many varied sectors including corporate, education, government agencies, farming, energy trusts, not-for-profit, iwi and local councils.

The complexity of the elections we manage ranges from simple, single issue First Past the Post (FPP) or Single Transferable Vote (STV) systems, to multi issue combinations of FPP and STV. Click here to see how STV works.

With our internet voting (also known as online voting or evoting), telephone voting, fax voting and postal voting options, no election is too large, too complex, or too small for our experienced, independent elections management team.

We can manage your complete election including advertising, electoral roll maintenance, mail outs, candidates, email reminders, sms (txt) reminders, design and print your voting material plus deal with any electoral inquiries, announcing results and notifying candidates accordingly. These are important responsibilities which must be done correctly to maintain the integrity of your election without causing distraction from your normal business as usual duties.


"Whether it's First Past the Post, Single Transferable Vote or both systems combined; using postal voting, telephone voting, internet voting or any combination of these voting methods, we can help your organisation get the very best response possible from your elections.

All this, from an independent organisation, bringing the highest level of integrity to your election."

Steve Kilpatrick
Managing Director
electionz.com Ltd